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A Simple Beauty Tip for a Bride-to-be before Wedding

Beauty & Style Tips Beauty TipA Simple Beauty Tip for a Bride-to-be before Wedding
A Simple Beauty Tip for a Bride-to-be before Wedding
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After waiting and dreaming all these years about getting married, finally the day is here when it is actually time for your own wedding. For a bride, a million beauty tips are given and lots of extra care is advised but we have just one beauty tip for you which indeed surpasses the need of any other beauty tip.
Our simple beauty tip is just to “be yourself”. Yes! At the moment you might think that this is such a crazy advice and how can it possibly be a beauty tip. But the truth is that it is something which is the key to being beautiful.
In Pakistan, where we have strong associations with our rich traditions and culture, a wedding is very specifically designed around the particular traditions and customs. May it be an arrange marriage or a love marriage, the style of wedding holds same for both. For the bride to be, wedding day is all about being at the best of her beauty and making her husband feel that he is blessed to have her. But in this entire wedding hustle bustle, a girl actually forgets that she needs to give time to herself and realize that there is no need of her to be someone else or go overboard. Her actual beauty tip is in the essence of her being pure, original and comfortable. This beauty tip will not only make her life easier but it will certainly make her husband love her more. Men appreciate simplicity and finding a woman who is not trying to fake anything is certainly a big treat for men.
When you go for a booking with a makeup artist who is going to give you your ultimate wedding look, tell him/her to keep things realistic and enhance your natural beauty more. Most of the times, by adding artificial eye lashes and nails, many brides look weird on their wedding day. Therefore, make sure that you don’t spill out your secret beauty tip of being original to your makeup artist well before the actual wedding day.
Furthermore, there is no need of getting entangled into long beauty treatments and procedures before your wedding. Follow the basic beauty tip religiously and that is to have lots of water and keep your skin clean all the time. Cleansing is very good and effective for all the girls. Water is the top treatment for getting a glowing complexion and a smooth skin.
Lastly, put this point in you beauty tip list too and that is to relax as much as you can. I know wedding is a very hectic yet joyous event of your life but still things will be better if you don’t panic. Just be patient if your designer has still not delivered the clothes or you have some last minute preparations to deal with. All will fall into place once the wedding day has arrived.


  1. Every bride wants to look their very best on their wedding day; when else will you be the focus of attention of your closest friends, as well as the subject of a photographer chosen to capture you and your partner within a day that is both intimate and public.

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