Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bird Tattoo Designs

Bird tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoo designs that people choose to have inked on their bodies. With the variety of bird species to choose from combined with the style variations to use, the choices for bird tattoos are incredibly vast. Bird tattoo designs are often chosen to represent someone’s connection to or love for nature or the outdoors. They can come in different colors and different styles, depending on the individual’s taste or preference.The Birds  symbolizes nobility and strength. These are popular choices for both men and women. Bird designs are also immensely popular for firefighters, soldiers, or police officers. Sparrow tattoo designs are quite popular among retro or rockabilly girls, as well as among sailors. The Sparrow design is usually associated with nautical star or cherry tattoo designs. This particular bird is a symbolism for loyalty, freedom, and pride. The design is popular among sailors as it represents their trust and proof of being in the Navy. Sparrow symbolize loyalty and fidelity because these birds are known to mate for life.
Bird tattoo designs are incredibly popular among men and women, and are a sure way to represent your personality and individuality.

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