Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pakistani Make up -Make Over Beauty Cosmetics Tips of Parlours

Pakistani Make up -Make Over Beauty Cosmetics Tips of Parlours

Good lighting--Proper lighting is essential for the most natural makeup applications.  Do a lighting check in the room.  Are there windows on both sides?  Do you have equal light?  Is there a single light above your mirror casting a shadow down on your face?  If the lighting is not even or the best possible, buy a portable makeup mirror and your problem will be solved.
Tan face--Use one of the many excellent bronzers on the market to give you a kiss of the sun.  Forget getting a tan on your face.
Less is more--Wear a very sheer foundation and keep the rest of your make-up minimal.  Less is more in the summertime.  Wear a little concealer just on the areas that need it and no foundation if you can get away with it.

Chapped lips--Keep your lips moisturized at all times and avoid licking lips especially when in the sun.  If you have flakes on your lips, exfoliate gently with a little almond oil and a soft toothbrush.
  1. What color orange is best for your skin color?--If you are fair try apricot, sheer peach, or soft corals.  It you are medium choose soft rust, terra cotta, and tawny brown.  Olive skins look best in copper, bronze and brick and dark skin will glow with deep russet, burnished orange and deep russet.
For a perfect lip shade--Mix and match lipsticks directly on your will be amazed at how many colors you can create.  It is said that Marilyn Monroe wore 5 different shades of lipstick to get her mouth to look the way it did.
Precise spot covering of blemishes--After applying foundation, cover spot with a concealer using a small, pointy brush, then set with powder, dabbing gently with a powder puff.

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